We believe in the full lifecycle of anything we help create, thinking of where materials come from to where they end up. We use LCA (life Cycle assessment) tools to measure the carbon footprint of our products, prototypes, materials..etc…We can help you put metrics to the project you want to work on.

we care about where materials come from and where they end up

All of our FabPub shops have crushers. We love to crush. This helps recycle the PET, PETG, PLA of our entire community. Bring your bottles, think of ways to recycle plastics and we can create with you from the waste. We are a waste-free workshop and can help with turning plastics into usable and printable pellets.

We provide Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) as service. We will give you all the carbon information for all your projects. We use CATIA by Dassault Systeme to measure the entire data base of your project and help make sure that it is truly sustainable.

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