What is Fabpub?

FabPub (Fabrication Public) is the shop of the future which makes 3D printing and other design technologies accessible to everyone. People and companies can book the machines online and commission customizable projects which are then produced locally in one of Fab.Pub's “urban factories.”

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What is our mission?

At FabPub we design internationally and produce locally. Our goal is for you to take back control of the production and delivery of your projects. Turning consumers into prosumers, highly involved in the objects they dream of whilst taking active part in the transition to a circular economy!
We are opening spaces around the world and we are looking for partners to venture with us and open local Fab.Pubs in different cities. Contact us now if you would like to explore the idea with us.

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Who we are

Fab.Pub and its community of designer-makers, will produce what is required, research new sustainable materials, share their 3D files, learn from each other and through our online masterclasses. More

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