Our Parametric Collection

We want you to co-create with us the products of the future and 3D print them locally at our international FabPubs. We are developing ranges of products that can be modified parametrically. This means you can change parameters based on sliders and decide if a design should be a table or a stool or anything you can imagine. 


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Mandala Collection 

Mandala collection

Mandalas are traditional circular geometry used for meditation. They are reflective of a journey that often leads to disappearance and reappearance. To us, it is a beautiful symbol of the circular economy. They are generated parametrically and through digital craft and are part of a wider range of designs. More

Muqar Collection 

Muqar collection

The Muqar collection is a collaboration between Architect Arthur Mamou-mani and homeware brand Trame. These stackable cups are inspired by the fractal geometry of the honeycomb-like ornamental vaulting, known as muqarnas, that lines the domes of the Alhambra fortress in Granada. More

3D Printers

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The WASP 3MT is a extra large scale 3D printer and is best optimized for printing large objects. More

Delta WASP 4070 FX

4070 FX is a large format 3D printer, widely used for medical implants, designed to print flexible materials down to 50 shore A, such as TPU. More

Delta WASP 2040 Clay

A clay 3D printer. Our Delta WASP 2040 Clay is the ideal equipment for clay printing. More

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