What can you make with us?

From prototypes for a start-up to furniture, jewelry, facades, events, there is no limit to what can be achieved and created together.
Our goal is for you to take back control of the production and delivery of your projects and products with as little shipping as possible with the least environmental footprint achievable. 
We provide laser cutting, 3D printing and custom prototyping service to help materialize your ideas.

3D Printing

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At FabPub, we have a wide range of 3D printers available to you in London. Our 3D printing services are best for product designer, prototyping for startup, model making for architects or visual merchandise designs for brand agencies or artists.

Laser cutting

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We offer a DIY service, which allows anyone to freely make and create their projects + learn how to use our laser cutting machines. Create your designs at Fab Pub with laser cutting and engraving options across various materials to make anything from personalised products, signage, jewellery, architectural models, prototypes and more.

Hire an expert

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FabPub has a team of in-house digital fabrication and material experts to help you with designing, 3D modeling, 3D printing, fabricating, prototyping, laser cutting, engraving and assembling the most complex technical ideas and bringing them to life. From design to fabrication, we love the creative and collaborative process of turning dreams into reality.

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Do you have a design idea that requires a workable prototype? From sketches, concepts, 2D designs, our designers can work with you to create your 3D file. We can also assist with fabricating your design using our 3D printer.
We work with architects that need architectural models, product designers for prototypes, entrepreneurs and artists, into bringing their ideas into reality.

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