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We believe in biomaterials. We use, encourage, research renewable and/or recycled materials with our machines to produce parts with the least waste and carbon that can be generated.

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PLA is the most used thermal bio-plastic in our workshop. Derive from lactic acid produced from biomass, usually fermented sugarcane. We use PLA as we can recycle it or compost it.

PLA with wood

In this variant of the material, wood dust is mixed with the PLA to create raw timber natural finish and softer to the touch.


Resin based printers allows to achieve extremely high resolution prints, showing the tiniest of the detail of the mode. Usually used in jewelry design and any work requires high precision.

Terra cruda and cotta

Beautiful and known material is now available for 3D printing. Complex geometries can now be achieved but still within the boundaries of the material.


Clay with low porosity, unique stone-like finish that is durable and food safe.


We use laser safe plywood which has a low content of formaldehyde.


Acrylic reacts very well with laser cutting, it can achieve a very clean edge and finish. Available in variety colours.

Natural fabric

From cotton to jeans, untreated leather can all be laser cut to fit your specific needs.

Cardboard & paper

Traditionally use in model making, any variety of cardboard and paper can be laser cut.

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