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Fab.Pub has a team of in-house digital fabrication and material experts to help you with designing, 3D modeling, 3D printing, fabricating, prototyping, laser cutting, engraving and assembling the most complex technical ideas and bringing them to life. From design to fabrication, we love the creative and collaborative process of turning dreams into reality.


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3D printed architectural systems

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3D printed architectural systems

Fab.Pub helps design and fabricate internal and external architectural systems. We can help you with 3D printed components and assembly systems for 3D printed architectural partitions and walls, cladding, staircase balustrades, acoustic panels, planted vertical walls, tiles, canopies...etc... We 3D print them using blends of bio-plastics (PLA) and UV resistant or fireproof additives or ceramics (Terracotta, stoneware) panels. Contact us to learn more about the possibilities.

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What is Fab.Pub?

Fab.Pub is the shop of the future. Making 3D printing and similar design technologies accessible to everyone. Book a machines or commission your own customisable projects to be produced locally in one of our “urban factories.” More

Who are we?

Fab.Pub and its community of designer-makers, will produce what is required, research new sustainable materials, share their 3D files, learn from each other and through our online masterclasses. More

What is our mission?

At Fab.Pub we design internationally and produce locally. Turning consumers into prosumers, highly involved in the objects they dream of whilst taking active part in the transition to a circular economy! Join us. More


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The Fab.Pub team is delighted to tease our work on the Orange headquarters in Paris, France!... More

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